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ZG-KGPS SCR thyristor-type medium frequency induction heating melting furnace
Author:admin Date:2018-09-28
ZG-KGPS SCR thyristor-type medium frequency induction heating melting  furnace
           SCR thyristor intermediate frequency power supply is a frequency conversion device that converts three-phase power frequency current into single-phase medium frequency current. It is mainly used in the fields of melting, diathermy and quenching of various metal materials and alloys. The machine has three-phase bridge type. The full control rectifier circuit and the parallel inverter circuit are combined. The control part adopts integrated circuit to realize microcomputer control. Compared with other lines, it has advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, simple and convenient debugging and maintenance, large output power, fast working speed, high efficiency, low power consumption and reliable operation. Low failure rate and other advantages. A variety of fast protection functions for current and voltage overload are also designed in the line, making the product very reliable. Suitable for long-term or intermittent work.
medium frequency induction melting furnace
Technical Parameter of KGPS/SCR medium frequency induction melting furance:
Rated  Rated  Input  Transformer Output Output  Melting Power consumption Cooling 
capacity power voltage request voltage frequency  speed steel iron copper aluminium water
KG KW V KVA V KHZ Min Kw.h/T Kw.h/T Kw.h/T Kw.h/T T/h
10-50 50 380 60 750 2.5 20-60 900 850 500 780 3
100 100 380 120 750 1 20-60 850 800 500 750 5
150 100 380 120 750 1 30-70 850 800 500 750 5
250 130 380 150 750 1 30-70 800 750 490 710 7
350 180 380 200 750 1 30-70 750 700 480 670 8
500 250 380 315 750 1 30-70 700 650 480 620 10
750 450 380 500 1500 1 40-80 650 630 400 600 15
1000 600 380-2 800 2500 0.8 50-90 620 610 390 570 18
1500 1000 380-2 1500 2500 0.8 50-90 600 580 380 540 25
2000 1250 380-2 1800 2500 0.7 50-90 580 570 360 520 28
3000 1500 380-2 2000 2500 0.7 60-100 570 560 330 500 35
5000 2500 660-2 3500 3500 0.5 60-100 560 550 310 500 43
KGPS/SCR medium frequency induction melting furance
Advantages of IF/MF induction melting furnace:
1, with fully automatic circuit breaker (DW15 type)
    Circuit failures such as short circuit, open circuit, phase loss, power failure, voltage loss, and discharge of the equipment can be quickly cut off, and have reliable protection for equipment and power grid. Other manufacturers only have simple switches or no straps. Other manufacturers require users to have a complete configuration with protection functions. Otherwise, if there is a short circuit or a lack of accidents, there is no protection and there is a big accident; and even if the user does not have a power distribution cabinet, With perfect protection.
2, the whole machine is equipped with 14 thyristors, (rectifier thyristor KP-2000A 6 / inverter thyristor KK-2500A 8 only) Our company uses 6 in the rectification part (all the intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers must have 6 rectification parts) ), but there are many different parts of the inverter. Our company generally uses 8 thyristors. (Most of them use 4) Why do you use 4 of them? Because a thyristor controls a capacitor, a resistor and a driver. For the substrate, etc., only 4 parts can be used to save more than double the components in the inverter part, and 4 thyristor power cabinets can still run, but if one of them is burned, the whole power cabinet will stop running and increase. The failure rate of other components of the equipment increases the maintenance cost. And our company has adopted 8 and all the accessories are doubled, which not only greatly reduces the equipment failure rate, but also makes the equipment more stable and the maintenance rate is lower during the use. If the thyristor partially burns any of them, the power cabinet can continue to operate as usual.
3, it can withstand higher output voltage, the higher the output voltage, the higher the efficiency of the device.
The normal working voltage of other manufacturers is generally around 750V, up to 800V;
And our output voltage can be put up to 1000V or even higher.
With the same power output, our heating speed is faster and more energy efficient.
4, all equipment fasteners use stainless steel screws, other manufacturers use iron screws that are easy to rust, or copper screws that are not strong enough. Stainless steel screws have the advantages of strong iron screws, and copper screws are non-magnetic and rust-free. Features, and brighter.
5, all components are installed on the bakelite, most of the other manufacturers are installed on the strip or plate made of the corners of the cabinet, it is very easy to leak electricity.
full power debugging before leaving the factory
KGPS/SCR medium frequency induction melting furance

Why choose "Hitfar" KGPS/SCR medium frequency induction melting furance?
1,Other manufacturers do not have high-power power supply, no debugging before the factory or only low-power debugging, all assembly or component problems are left to the user to solve the problem, making the debugging time longer; our equipment is fully power-tested before leaving the factory, to the user's The main teaching on the scene is how to use it.
We are one of the largest companies in Guangdong.
2, many of our engineers have more than 20 years of experience, and 15 years ago, 80% of the domestic intermediate frequency production plants have not been established;
3. We are more proficient in the versatile use of IF equipment. We have a wealth of experience in the application of quenching, annealing, tempering, quenching or heat venting or special heating for the increase and decrease of equipment frequency or power. The other 90% of the production plants lack technical experience other than intermediate frequency melting.
4, using stainless steel water separator, other manufacturers use galvanized iron pipe, it is very easy to rust and block;
5, the absorption resistor uses precision non-inductive resistors, rather than the manual winding resistors used by other manufacturers.
6, using double insulation and high resistance to piezoelectric wire, the maximum working voltage inside the device is 800V or more. Other manufacturers only use ordinary wires with a withstand voltage of 500V, which is very easy to be broken down.
7, using international famous brand Schneider low-voltage electrical devices and Taiwan-based thyristors produced by the only domestic listed company;
8, using new silicon steel sheets, rather than the old silicon steel sheets used by other companies.
9, Hitfar is the company with the most technical staff in Guangdong, and is the most timely company after-sales service.
10, Hitfar is the company with the most repeat customers in the domestic counterparts.
11, Hitfar is one of the companies with the largest number of exports and the largest number of exporting countries.

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