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Six Advantages of HF iInduction Heating Machine
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
High-frequency induction heating equipment is currently widely used in various industrial fields, and its heating rate is also the fastest, which can directly heat the metal. It heats the workpiece from three different levels of depth, medium and surface, allowing manufacturers to avoid the trouble of segmentation. In addition, high frequency induction heating equipment has the following six unique advantages:
Advantage 1: The high frequency induction heating device can be heated quickly. Compared with other equipment heating technology methods, the biggest feature of high frequency induction heating equipment is fast. It can be heated quickly in seconds and the workpiece can be heated to the desired target temperature in seconds. The fast heating speed means that the daily work of a worker can complete the workload of the original 2-3 people, and comprehensively improve work efficiency and output.
Advantage 2: Local heating can be performed. The use of high-frequency induction heating equipment can quickly heat a certain part of the workpiece, which overcomes the drawbacks of the traditional heating module can only be fully heated, making it possible to focus on local processing.
Advantage 3: The use of high frequency induction heating equipment is very energy efficient. Its consumption is very low, and the consumption in the processing time is about 20% lower than that of the ordinary heating module, and it is only necessary to use the standby power to make it work, and it is very reasonable to save power.
Advantage 4: The high-frequency induction heating device can automatically operate at a relatively stable temperature and has good safety performance. Even a skilled worker who does not have much operational experience can easily use it for daily work and is very safe.
Advantage 5: It does not produce any harmful substances during the use of high frequency induction heating equipment. The traditional heating module will heat the coal stove under high temperature and high heat environment, which not only has a poor working environment, but also causes damage to the body of the skilled worker. The high-frequency induction heating device uses the eddy current heating mode, so it does not release polluting gas, and it is green and environmentally friendly, and the daily working environment of workers can be greatly improved.
Advantage 6: As long as it is metal, it can be heated, and the proportion of the metal to be heated is small, which makes the application of the material more prominent and economical.
to sum up:High-frequency induction heating equipment has completely replaced the traditional heating production mode and has been widely used by domestic manufacturers. The unique advantages of clean environmental protection, low energy consumption and high output, and a safe and stable production process are the reasons why this new type of induction heating equipment is favored.

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