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Induction Heating Machine Applied for Annealing!
Author:admin Date:2018-09-16
    Induction heating machine applied for annealing stainless steel. The induction annealing device places a heated object such as metal in the coil, and the magnetic beam penetrates the entire heated object. In the opposite direction of the heating current inside the object to be heated, a corresponding large eddy current is generated. Since there is a resistance in the object to be heated, a lot of Joule heat is generated, and the temperature of the object itself rises rapidly. Achieve the purpose of heat annealing all metal materials.
stainless steel pot annealing by induction heating machine
    Applications of induction heating machine in the field of annealing:
1. Annealing in various stainless steel industries. Such as stainless steel pots, cans of annealing, annealing and annealing of the water tank, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel cups, etc.;
2. Annealing of various other metal workpieces. Such as golf clubs, clubs, copper locks, hardware copper fittings, kitchen knife handles, cutting edges, aluminum pots, aluminum barrels, aluminum radiators and all kinds of aluminum products.
With the development of the industry, the technology of induction annealing equipment has been continuously improved, and the application range has been continuously expanded. The induction annealing equipment is currently an induction annealing equipment with high efficiency, high speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection for metal materials.

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