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How Induction Heating Machine Power Supply Requires Skin Effect?
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
       The induction heating machine power supply is a clean and efficient heating device developed based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. At present, it has already made many research and development breakthroughs in different frequency bands such as high frequency and low frequency. Let us fully understand what electromagnetic effect principles are used in the application of induction heating power supply, and what role these principles play in the operation of the whole machine. Which electromagnetic effects maintain the normal operation of the induction heating power supply.
       In the process of induction heating, the skin effect is one of the important electromagnetic effect principles for maintaining the normal operation of the induction heating power supply. What is the skin effect? ​​The skin effect refers to the fact that the current flows uniformly across the conductor when the DC current flows through the conductor. However, when the AC current flows through the conductor, the current distribution along the conductor cross section is uneven, and the maximum current density. Appears on the surface layer of the conductor. The phenomenon that this current accumulates on the surface is called the skin effect.
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       The skin effect is inextricably linked to the principle of alternating current and electromagnetic induction. When the circuit of the heating power source is turned on, the alternating current passes through the conductor, and an alternating magnetic field is established on the outside and inside of the conductor. Since the magnetic flux of the part of the conductor surface is less than the magnetic line of the chain inside the conductor. Therefore, the self-inductance potential of the central portion of the conductor or the inductance and impedance of the central portion is greater than the inductance and impedance of the surface portion. Since the current always flows along the path with the smallest impedance, the current accumulates on the surface of the conductor. The higher the current frequency, the more pronounced the skin effect.
       The effect of the normal operation of the induction heating power supply is the proximity effect. The proximity effect refers to the fact that when two adjacent conductors are connected to an alternating current, the current in the conductor is rearranged under mutual influence. When the two currents flow in the same direction, the current is discharged outside the conductor. When the flow is reversed, the current is discharged. On the inside of the conductor. under
       The above two points are a summary and analysis of two common electromagnetic effects of induction heating power supply.

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