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Two Characteristics of Induction Heating for Metal Hot Forging!
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
Induction heating in the forging industry uses induction heating with the following two characteristics:
First, high unit power and short diathermy time
Induction heating has a power of up to 500-1000 kW/m2 and a short diathermy time. The benefits of heating the forged billet are:
1) The heating speed is fast, and even if it is heated in the air, the surface of the billet is less oxidized and decarburized. The forged parts have a reasonable streamline distribution, and induction heating gives the billet a higher fatigue performance. Induction heating has no fuel product in the heated zone, so a relatively clean billet can be obtained, which is a beneficial factor for the high quality manufacturing of the billet.
2) Short heating time facilitates local heating. The temperature of the heating zone can rise rapidly, and the temperature transition zone is relatively narrow, which not only reduces the loss of electric energy, but also facilitates the forging forming of the locally heated workpiece.
3) High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
4) Induction heating time is short, which is convenient for increasing productivity and reducing production costs.
5) The heating speed is fast, the scale generation is extremely small, the life of the mold is prolonged, and the life of the mold is increased by 30%.
induction heating for hot forging
Second, induction heating reproducibility
Induction heating is reproducible when forging billets. Induction heating is essentially constant for a given billet size, material, initial forging temperature, and tempo. The beat can be used to determine the precise heating temperature, the process repeatability is good, and the product quality is stable. The benefits of inductive heating reproducibility for the heating of forged billets are:
 - Due to the compact equipment and adjustable power, induction heating equipment can be combined with forging equipment to produce production lines.
 - Induction heating can effectively prevent the billet heating temperature from being insufficient or over-burned under certain power and cycle conditions, and fundamentally guarantee the quality of forgings.
 - Facilitate a closed loop temperature control system with computer, temperature measuring device, PID temperature control device and semiconductor inverter (such as SCR, IGBT, MOSFET inverter)
Precise control and automation of temperature ensure stable product quality.
 - Facilitate the modern management system of the forging factory.
       The environmental and labor conditions brought about by the above-mentioned features have been greatly improved, manpower savings, and production floor space reduction, etc., so that induction heating fully meets the 3S standard and 3C standard of modern production. Induction heating is the most ideal means for today's billet forging heating, especially for billets with relatively single varieties and particularly large batch sizes.

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