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Induction Heating Technology Applied in Roller Surface Heating!
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
       The invention of the roll surface induction heating technology is mainly to solve the problem of thickness control during rolling. Roller surface induction heating technology has been widely used in the paper industry and proven to be a very effective method. The use of roll surface induction heating technology in operation is a non-contact, high energy conversion efficiency sensing method that quickly and efficiently controls the roll diameter of the work rolls in the lateral direction of the work rolls.
       By heating the rolls of different widths (30mm-120mm), the roll induction heating precisely controls the roll diameter in different areas of the work rolls to optimize them; instead of straightening the work rolls, the straightening work rolls may affect the strip thickness. And a horizontal plate shape. The energy-efficient work roll induction heating system allows the strip to quickly reach the target thickness and shape to save time on the start of the line.
Roller Surface induction heating
       In general, the heat applied to the rolls by induction heating corrects the uneven deformation of the work rolls due to irregular friction in the length direction (mainly the high temperature at the center and the lower temperatures at both ends). Due to the induction heating, the roller diameters at both ends of the roller (the edge of the strip) become large, thereby eliminating the thickness of the strip and the defects of the plate shape, and also eliminating the broken tape and trimming waste due to the edge cracking.                  
      Roller surface induction heating technology brings remarkable results:
1) Increase the rolling line speed by 20%;
2) Eliminate all the broken belt problems and minimize the stoppage time caused by the broken belt stop;
3) Significantly increase production by increasing thickness and shape control;
4) Reduce the loss of cutting waste;
5) Reduce startup time and greatly improve production efficiency;
6) Improve corporate profitability;

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