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Hifar Has Begun from March 18, 2003
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
On March 18, 2003, Hitfar group. was established at No. 265, Lianhu Huancheng Road, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City. At that time, it rented two facades near the roadside. The three original members of the company ignited the induction heating. The first firecracker made by the equipment.

At the beginning of the company's product, only the 15-type high-frequency welding machine was used for the welding of the diamond saw blade. After a six-month trial, the 15-type low-frequency was unanimously recognized by the diamond saw blade manufacturer. And reached the situation of short supply.
The development of the town factory treasure---15 small high-frequency welding machine, and the high-frequency induction heating of the 25-type high-frequency induction heating have brought a good development prospect to the company. The model is as follows:

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Lianhu Industrial Zone, Tangxia,Dongguan, China