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Coil,a Very Importand Components to Induction Heating!
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
In the electromagnetic induction heating system, the coil is a very important component. How to make a relatively simple, practical and low-cost coil has become a concern of friends who have just entered the electromagnetic heating transformation. If the coil parameters do not match the host, it may cause The electromagnetic heating main unit is not working properly, and the main unit may be burned out in severe cases.
Imported original device, standard industrial grade program, the product adopts imported high-power IGBT module, integrated large-scale single-chip technology, with fast response, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, 1500V insulation. The main technical advantages are as follows:
1. Modular design, stable and reliable; with standard serial communication interface for secondary development;
2. The original power semiconductor over-current single pulse protection improves the reliability of the whole machine;
3. The power adjustment is smooth and uniform, and the module has low heat generation;
4. The original induction coil processing technology makes the heating more uniform and the reliability is higher;
5. Specialized, standardized, and large-scale production to ensure product quality;
6. 2kw-90kw multiple power model selection;
7. The first domestically approved TÜV Rheinland GS-MARK EMC-MARK TUV-MARK CE-LVD CE-EMC
8. Our marketing network is spread all over the country;
9. Our products have obtained a number of safety certifications;
10. The product complies with the ROSH standard

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