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Application Range of Hitfar Induction Heating Machine
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
Hifar induction heating machine is widely used in metal hardware and tool heat treatment, all kinds of hardware brazing, welding, welding, steel pipe copper pipe welding, mechanical parts and automobile and motorcycle parts quenching, stainless steel annealing demagnetization, bar material before burning red Diathermy, push elbow stretching and some special heating and melting, melting and so on of small quantities of precious metals and alloys. Depending on the type of workpiece, local heating, internal hole heating, or integral heating, surface heat treatment or overall heat transfer can be applied to the workpiece, and the maximum temperature can reach 1500-2500 °C.
The specific classification of the application is as follows:

First, induction heating brazing
1. Welding of diamond cutter heads, welding of carbide saw blades and welding of diamond cutters, grinding tools and drilling tools.
2. Welding of carbide tools for machining. Such as turning, planing, milling, reaming and other cutting tools.
3, welding of mining tools, such as "one" word bit, column tooth bit, dovetail coal bit, riveting bit, various coal mining machine picks, various types of roadhead picks.
4. Welding of woodworking tools, such as various woodworking planers, milling cutters and various woodworking drills.
Second, forging, red punching, rolling
1. Hot rolling of various twist drills.
2, standard parts, fasteners, such as high-strength bolts, nuts and so on.
3. Heating of tempering, forging, extrusion, etc. of brazing steel and brazing tools.
4. Connect with automatic machinery (especially stainless steel).
5, special fastener heat treatment.
Third, heat treatment
1. Heat treatment of various hardware tools and hand tools. Such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes, etc.
2. High-frequency quenching treatment of various auto parts and motorcycle parts. Such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, crank pin, sprocket, camshaft, valve, various rocker arm, rocker shaft; various gears, spline shaft, transmission half shaft, various small shafts in the gearbox , high-frequency quenching treatment of various forks.
3. High-frequency quenching treatment of gears, shafts, etc. on various power tools.
4. Heat treatment of high frequency quenching of various hydraulic components and pneumatic components. Such as the column of the plunger pump.
5. The rotor of the plug and rotor pump; the quenching treatment of the reversing shaft on various valves and the gears of the gear pump.
6. Heat treatment of metal parts. Such as various gears, sprockets, various shafts, spline shafts, pins and other high-frequency quenching treatment.
7. Quenching treatment of machine bed rails in the machine tool industry.

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