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How Electromagnetic Heating Save Energy?
Author:admin Date:2018-09-14
        In the plastic products industry, the production of mechanical equipment such as injection molding machines, extruders, and film blowing machines are generally uninterrupted 24 hours a day, and most of them are large factories. The power consumption is a high level of the factory to a certain extent. Cost accounting, if the heating part of the plastic barrel of the plastic production machinery can save at least 10% of the cost of the ancient tenth, why not carry out the energy-saving transformation of the electromagnetic induction heater? In the initial contact with some customers, the reason for the problem of changing the electromagnetic heating method is that the following problems are usually considered: First, the ratio between the input cost and the return of the electromagnetic heating method; Furthermore, it is the ease of use and stability of the electromagnetic heating energy-saving retrofit. Dongguan HifaR is a research and development and production manufacturer specializing in the eletromagnetich induction heating industry for nearly 20 years. So far, the electromagnetic induction heating energy-saving transformation case has reached more than 10,000 units, extremely rich experience in transformation and familiar with the needs of our customers, has been vigorously proved to the majority of customers to change the convenience and stability after the use of electromagnetic heating.
       Then let's analyze the cost and return of electromagnetic heating modification of plastic machinery, taking the electromagnetic heater of blown film machine as an example:
       Taking a power-saving reforming machine with a power of 10kw as a case, starting 24 hours a day, according to the actual working time of 10 hours per day (the general blown film electromechanical heat part work-off time ratio is 0.5): the original electric heating coil (board) : Daily electricity consumption (10kw*10h=100kwh), monthly electricity consumption (100kwh*30=3000kwh); modified electromagnetic heater (calculated according to the lowest energy saving rate of 30%): one day electricity consumption (10kw*70%) *10h=70kwh), monthly electricity consumption (70kwh*30=2100kwh); if the electricity fee is 0.8 yuan, the monthly electricity saving fee is (3000kwh-2100kwh)*0.8 yuan/kwh=720 yuan; if it is 600 yuan/KW Renovation charges, resulting in: 600 yuan / kw * 10kw = 6000 yuan; cost recovery cycle: 6000 ÷ 720 = 8.33 months; that is, the average machine can recover costs for more than half a year, the ordinary electromagnetic heating equipment working life of at least five In the year, the next 4.5 years are generating returns.
At the time of the global economic downturn, the traditional production enterprises are under great pressure to survive, and the plastics industry is particularly competitive. How to reduce product costs and improve product competitiveness is a core issue facing every enterprise. It accounts for a large proportion of the product cost of the plastics industry. It is an inevitable trend for the development of the plastics industry to reduce energy consumption and improve thermal efficiency by means of electromagnetic induction heating and energy-saving transformation. It is a big trump card for enterprises to improve their competitiveness!

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